Victorian Solar Panel Rebate Update

Following the recent closure of the Solar Victoria Solar Panel Rebate for new applications, Solar Victoria has announced plans to assist homeowners who did not apply for the rebate before their installation took place.

Announced today by Solar Victoria CEO Stan Krpan, Solar Victoria has committed to giving homeowners who had not submitted eligibility applications to Solar Victoria before their installations to apply directly to the agency and have their eligibility assessed, as to not miss out on the rebate. 

How did this occur?
With this ground-breaking rebate program, some homeowners may have been confused by the rebate process or unaware that they had to submit their own documentation to prove their eligibility under the scheme. Since this has come to light, Solar Victoria are committed to ensuring that during the next phase of the Solar Homes Program that all communications are clear and easy-to-understand.

The Victorian State Government had funding allocated for this first phase of the Solar Homes Program for 24,000 rebates. The Government has now accepted 32,000 applications, which is why the program was closed prematurely.

How many households would this affect?

Over 600 households could potentially be in this category of having their solar panels installed and have not submitted eligibility applications to Solar Victoria.

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Where to go from here?

If you fall under this category and fit the below criteria:
Installed your solar system between 19 August 2018 – 12 April 2019 inclusive


Did not submit an eligibility application before the installation or 12 April 2019

You should:
Contact Solar Victoria via email and provide the following details:

  • Your full name (as appears on the Title Deed of the property)
  • Your property address, where the installation took place
  • Your best contact phone number
  • Date of your installation

If you require any assistance with doing this or would like to discuss your rebate application further, please contact Solar Victoria directly.

Source: The Age, 21 May 2019, “Extra solar rebates for households who missed out”